The Frank Salvatore Team are full-time licensed Realtors with a proven track record, registered with multiple Real Estate Boards & Associations, providing our clients with the highest level of Realty services this industry has to offer.

Being a member of multiple Real Estate Boards allows us to create maximum exposure for our client listings along with the ability to find properties that may otherwise be missed by Realtors. These Associations include the Hamilton Burlington Real Estate Board (RAHB), the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) and the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA).

For our Commercial clients, Investors & Developers, we have aligned ourselves with COSTAR/ LOOPNET, which is an International database for “on and off” market commercial listings. This affiliation allows us to capture interested sellers that may not be listed on MLS as well as the ability to promote our own commercial properties through unique various marketing tools & campaigns.

Our mission is to serve our clients with the absolute highest level of professionalism, expertise, knowledge and integrity. We are committed to your success, dreams and goals while providing a seamless, professional experience for all your real estate needs.

As an accomplished Real Estate Broker and Mortgage Broker, licensed with two separate an”Independently owned and operated” companies, my team and I are able to provide our clients with a convenient “One-Stop Shopping” experience “saving you time, money and stress!

So, whether you’re looking to Buy, Sell, Invest or liquidate Residential, Commercial, Industrial properties or just want to learn about martket conditions, our team of top negotiators are readily available to assist you.

Alternatively if you want to qualify for a mortgage, consolidate debt or just need help figuring out whether it is best to sell or refinance, all you need to do is is contact us today, so we can help you get what you want, in the time you want wont that be great?

FOR SALE. “IT’S IN THE NAME!” Frank Salvatore!

The Frank Salvatore Team

All of our agents are highly trained professionals ready to serve you.

Frank Salvatore

Frank Salvatore


Team Mission Statement:

To professionally guide our valued clients and customers through the “Art” of Buying and Selling of Real Estate by:

  • Creating Value in the services we provide by Prioritizing the needs and interests of our clientele.
  • Enabling our clientele to make confident choices and amazing memories with their families and loved ones.
  • Empowering our clientele through proper guidance, knowledge and the understanding of capitalization rates to build wealth by acquiring “economically viable” investment properties.
  • Protecting our clientele by helping them avoid the many “costly mistakes often made by inexperienced Agents, Inspectors, contractors and advisors.
  • Negotiating the absolute best possible terms, conditions and price on behalf of our valued clientele.
  • Providing peace of mind by allowing our clients to feel completely confident throughout the entire buying & selling process.
  • Utilizing the most effective Marketing tools available in our industry in order to maximize our success the success of our clientele.
  • Assuring our clients that we have their absolute best interest at Heart !!!

We Love what we do and we believe it has never been more important than it is in today’s Marketplace to hire “full time, experienced, dedicated, professionals with proven track records” for the job of Buying or Selling your most valuable Real Estate asset(s).  We are committed to your success and we look forward to meeting your high expectations while satisfying all your Real Estate Goals and Aspirations!  “Allow us to handle all your Real Estate Needs”

THE  FRANK SALVATORE TEAM  –  For Sale “It’s In The Name!”

Realty Services Awards and Achievements

Saving you time, money and stress:

As a Professional Real Estate and Mortgage Broker with a vast knowledge of the construction industry, “The Frank Salvatore Team’s convenient “One-Stop-Shopping” experience offers their clients all the comfort and confidence they need for a successful transaction, while saving them time, stress and money.

Our Mortgage team will qualify our buyer clients accurately to ensure they are shopping within their qualified price range. It has been our experience that many of the five major banks have often failed to properly pre-approve their clients, only to find out weeks or months later that they have been shopping in the wrong price range all along, only because their loan office failed to qualify them properly and run a credit bureau. In addition to qualifying our clients correctly we will only impact their credit bureau once. This will allow us to keep our client’s credit score at the highest level while connecting them with over 20 of our best lenders in Canada, ensuring we provide them with the lowest possible interest rate.

For our clients looking to sell we will not only complete a thorough Comprehensive Market Evaluation (CMA) of their property, to ensure it is sold for the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time, we will also review the existing mortgage documents to identify any penalties so that we may properly advise whether it is best to “Discharge”,” Port”, “Renew” or recommend and “Blend and Extend” mortgage.

With Frank’s vast knowledge in the construction industry our team has been trained to developed a “keen eye” to help Buyers and Sellers identify potential issues that are often overlooked by typical sales people, inspectors and contractors.
It has been our experience that Buyer’s working with other Realtors have paid up to 5 property inspections reports before settling on their desired purchase. This is because their agent may have missed the obvious signs during a regular showing only to have the deal fall apart on property inspection. Our team has helped save our clients $1,000’s of dollars in numerous inspection reports and costly repairs by alerting our buyers of existing and potential issues well in advance of making an offer.

Seller’s have also benefited from our skills by being made aware of potential issues prior to Listing their properties, thus avoiding the typical renegotiating process after a property inspection report surfaces and or avoiding potential claims.

It is an honour to continue to serve our clients with at the highest level of integrity, experience and knowledge while protecting them with the array of real estate clauses created for virtually every scenario that we encountered throughout our 34 plus years of experience.