Marketing Plan

To have an effective Marketing Plan it is important to understand the difference between “PASSIVE” Marketing and “ACTIVE” Marketing.

Sellers often believe that the only way to Market a property is through Passive, Traditional Marketing methods which includes:

    • Placing a sign on the lawn
    • Listing the property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
    • Placing an ad in the paper
    • Conducting frequent open houses and
    • Sitting by the phone waiting for a buyer to call

Although these tools are used in everyday marketing plans, statistics show that by “only” using these types of marketing strategies may produce limited results even in a Hot Market because the Realtor is “passively” waiting for a Buyer to appear.

However, an “ACTIVE” Marketing Plan will produce amazing results by strategically enhancing all the techniques as mentioned above and ACTIVELY Market your property to the right Buyer using enhanced traditional methods and NON-TRADITIONAL marketing strategies.

The Frank Salvatore Team pledges to List and market your Residential / Commercial / Industrial / Investment property at a price that will cause it to SELL for the Highest Possible Price that “current market conditions” will support and complete this in the
shortest amount of time possible.

This method is strategically accomplished by using “FRANK’S 15 POINT MARKETING PLAN” along with the professional skills Frank has acquired in his 33+ years Experience as a Trusted Real Estate Professional and get your property SOLD.


Frank and his Team pledges to:

  1. Research your property thoroughly before it goes on the market and PRICE YOUR PROPERTY CORRECTLY THE FIRST TIME IN ORDER FOR IT TO SELL at the Highest Competitive Value versus the competition who will prepare an overpriced Listing wasting valuable time and wait for your property to Expire while helping your competitors to sell!
  2. Prepare a MARKET PROOF DESCRIPTIVE LISTING Agreement Highlighting and enhancing the ABSOLUTE BEST FEATURES of your property to attract specific buyers.
  3.  CIRCULATE YOUR PROPERTY to the Best Real Estate Agents in your area using the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and the most popular websites (see #14). In addition my team and I will contact them directly to let them know your property is for sale and encourage them to show it.
  4.  INSTALL A LOCKBOX on your property to ensure easy accessibility for serious Real Estate professionals who want to show your property to motivated buyers.
  5.  PLACE A PROMINENTLY DISPLAYED FOR SALE SIGN on your property in a “strategic location” with a white wood post (or install a 4 x 4 ft Custom Sign for your Industrial / Commercial Properties) highlighting the property’s best features and ensure maximum visibility and exposure.
  6.  NOTIFY all our past clients, centres of influence, existing data base and all our prospective buyers that your property is For Sale and ask them to buy it and ask for a referral.
  7. Provide you with a series of value enhancement suggestions that will enable you to show off your property’s best features and attract the most serious buyers.
  8.  Provide you with valuable information and answer your questions regarding financial terms and strategies enabling you to make the best decision when selling your current property and purchasing a new one. In addition; As a Licensed Mortgage Agent (affiliated with a separate independent brokerage) Frank and his mortgage team will assist you in arranging a 1st or 2nd mortgage, Home Equity Line of Credit or a Reverse mortgage to help you consolidate any unsecured debt and reduce or eliminate your monthly payments. (Dominion Lending Centers- PMG)
  9.  Provide you with current, detailed information about market stats, trends, details and sales history of any properties you may wish to purchase after the successful sale of your property.
  10.  Prepare “feature sheets”, “just listed” post cards and other valuable marketing material to help you maximize the price of your property.
  11. Provide important feedback from Realtors & Prospects so that changes can be made immediately in order to keep your property “Current and Active” and front of mind.
  12.  Prepare an updated CMA (Current Market Value Assessment) of your property every 30 – 45 days (if required) in order to keep our pulse on any market changes.
  13.  Feature your property on various web sites & social media sites that are designed to attract Buyers and allow them to view your property in the comfort of their own home.
  14.  Our Marketing Features Include: professional photography, videography, virtual tours, postings on featured websites, digital (social media) marketing and print marketing. Hosting an effective Open House by using social media, Email Blasts & Strategically place Open House signs in order to maximize traffic.
  15.  Continue to Capitalize on every opportunity and negotiate the best possible price with the absolute best possible terms.