How the “Covid” Grinch “almost” Stole Christmas Again!

T’was a week before Christmas, and all through the town, with most everyone vaxxed, we ended the lockdown.

The merchants were open and sports events too, we all seemed so happy except for a few.

The traffic was jammed with no time to spare, we spent hours in cars getting to and from there.

Imports were delayed and prices had doubled, they promised a plan, but we all were still troubled.

The panic set in and everyone feared, that presents would not get here, until past the New Year.

The weather was cold, we were back to indoors, Covid cases had risen, would they shutdown the stores???

A new variant had surfaced, but no one was certain, would another Christmas be ruined, for each & every person.

This time it seemed different, we all seemed prepared, we knew what this was, we were no longer scared.

They told us “be cautious”, but we wanted to strive, it was time to move forward, and get on with our lives.

With the Holiday Season so soon fast approaching, many had said, “enough with the social distancing”.

So we decorate the house and bring on the cheer, ’cause our loved ones are coming, since they couldn’t last year.

Outside of my window the snow gently falls, and I think to myself,I need to make some calls.

So, I gather the Ribbon, the Garland and Bows, as I play those old Carols, my Happiness grows.

The Grinch again tried, to cancel Christmas once more, but we all persevered and we showed him the door.

So bring on the food and bring on the cheer, let’s all get together, ’cause we really earned it this year.


From Our Staff & Family to Yours. The Frank Salvatore Team