How the “Covid” Grinch Stole Christmas

T’was days before Christmas, and all through the town, people wore masks that covered their frown.

The frown had begun way back in the spring, when a global pandemic had changed everything.

They called it Corona, but unlike the beer, it does not bring good times, it did not bring good cheer.

Airplanes were grounded and travel was banned. Borders were closed across Air, Sea and Land.

As the world entered lockdown to flatten the curve, the economy halted, and folks lost their nerve.

From March to July we rode the first wave, people stayed home, we tried to behave.

When summer emerged the lockdown was lifted, away from caution many folks had drifted.

We are now in December and cases are spiking, wave two has arrived much to our disliking.

It’s true that this year has brought sadness to plenty, we will never forget the year 2020.

The holiday season is finally here, we can’t be with each other but we hope for next year.

So we decorate the house and put up the tree, even though no one will see it, no one but me.

Outside of my window the snow gently falls, and I think to myself, Let’s Deck the Halls!

So, I gather the Ribbon, the Garland and Bows, as I play those old carols, my Happiness grows.

Christmas is not cancelled as “the Grinch” once did hope, when we lean on each other, I know we can cope.

So bring on the food and bring on the cheer and let’s “SOON” get together for a Vaccine in finally here!


From Our Family to Yours. The Frank Salvatore Team